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Monday, February 22, 2010

San Francisco Podiatrist: Out-Run Your Fat Cells!

An article in the San Francisco Chronice discusses some alarming statistics.

Ten years from now, 80% of men and 70% of women will be obese. In addition, there will be a 98% increase in obesity related diabetes. The problem of couse isn't just that all those fat people will have a tough time fitting in an airplane seat when getting on the plane in San Franciso heading to Hawaii.

The problem is that essentially preventable conditions like heart disease, stroke and diabetic foot amputations will follow those plump Americans like the dust cloud following Pigpen in the Charlie Brown cartoons.

The truth of course is that the bigger the waist size, the shorter the life. Many of the ultimately fatal complications of obesity and diabetes are lifestyle related. A little prevention can go a long way.

Given that I am a podiatrist and runner, I of course am biased toward exercise and preventing the complications that lead to foot amputations. Not just because I like to run, but because people who have diabetic amputations don't live very long.

We know that a "pre-diabetic" (sometimes also referred to as a "borderline diabetic") can often reduce their blood sugar and reduce the chances of developing diabetes just through regular exercise. A diabetic who is taking insuling who begins a walking or moderate running routine can go from taking insulin shots, to just taking some pills to keep the blood sugar under control.

And we all know that exercise is a more reliable way to fight obesity than diets.

So maybe just by adding a 30 minute running routine in Golden Gate Park, along the Embarcadero, or through Marin, San Francisco Bay Area residents could actually outrun the ability of their fat cells to pack on the pounds. San Francisco is easily one of the most scenic and runner friendly cities in the world.

As a Podiatrist who has done lots of diabetic foot sugery, I can honestly say that I would rather meet you on a Saturday morning run in San Francisco than see in the hospital because you need me to amputate a part of your diabetic foot. Every run in San Francisco I go on feels like a success. Every diabetic foot amputation feels like a failure.

Christopher Segler is a Foot Doctor in San Francisco who practices Podiatry. He is also a multiple Ironman Finisher. For more info about foot pain or running injuries see or

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