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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

What Should I Do If I Sprain My Ankle?

San Francisco Podiatrist Explains How To Stop The Ankle Pain and Swelling When You Twist Your Ankle

Ankle sprains are the most common sports-related musculoskeletal injury. Unfortunately many patients who roll their ankles head to the Emergency Room to treat the pain, swelling and bruising. The reality is, you can often get ankle pain relief much faster if you don't go to the ER. When deciding which doctor is best for your ankle sprain, you should see a specialist: an ankle expert called a podiatrist (not a Jack-of-all-Trades in the ER).

The best ankle sprain treatment right after the sprain is P.R.I.C.E.

You have to prevent any further injury to the sprained ligaments. An ankle brace or fracture walking boot can let most ankle injuries heal without having to worry about hobbling around on crutches.

If you get sick and rest, you get well faster. If you tear your ankle ligaments and rest, they heal faster. Try to get some rest and take it easy for the first 48 hours after a bad ankle sprain.

Ice is one of the cheapest and most effective home remedies for an acute ankle sprain. Apply ice to your injured ankle for 10 minutes out of every hour during the first 24 hours after you roll your ankle.

Use the elastic bandage given to you by Dr. Segler a your House Call visit. By keeping your ankle wrapped the way he showed you, the swelling will stop and go down as fast as possibly. Your ankle ligaments won't start to heal until the swelling goes away.

Use gravity to your advantage! Prop the injured ankle way up on a pile of pillows. It has to be above your heart to really work well. Keep it elevated for the first 24 hours and the throbbing ankle pain will start to go away. Remember, your ankle ligaments won't start to heal until the swelling goes away.

By following the PRICE method, you can help stop all of the inflammation that causes ankle pain and leads to prolonged healing of the ankle sprain.

You can also view the Ankle Sprain First Aid Video here.

Dr. Christopher Segler is a podiatrist and a true ankle expert. He published the largest research study every conducted on subtle ankle fractures that are often misdiagnosed as ankle sprains. The fact is, ankle injuries often don't get the best treatment in the Emergency Room. Dr. Segler won an award from the American College of Foot and Ankle Surgeons for his ankle injury research which showed that lateral process fractures are 10 times more common than previously thought. These ankle fractures often don't heal properly because they are incorrectly diagnosed by busy ER physicians. Dr. Segler now has a podiatry practice in San Francisco that offers same-day house calls for people in the San Francisco Bay Area who have ankle sprains or other sports medicine -related foot and ankle injuries.

If you rolled your ankle and have a question, you can actually call him directly at 415-308-0833. And yes, you will actually get to speak with an award-winning ankle surgeon. No nurses, students or residents... direct access to a true ankle expert.

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  1. The common first aid for a sprained ankle is to have some rest. You can lie down on your bed and relax your whole body. Then, apply ice on your sprained ankle to numb the pain. Later, you can apply hot compress to dilate the blood vessel and increase the circulation of the blood. Then, observe your sprain within 24 hours. If it's still painful and you think it is severe, you better go to your doctor to have some check up and medication. For sure, a hospital can provide you a good physical therapist (in Texas) to assist you with a physical therapy (Texas) regime if ever you need it.