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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Custom Orthotics For Runners by San Francisco Podiatrist

Running places a tremendous amount of stress on the feet and legs. When you train for a marathon, the goal is to create just enough stress to stimulate an increase in running endurance without so much stress that an injury results. Running injuries like shin splints, stress fractures and tendonitis are common as mileage and intensity increase during training.

Slight imbalances in the foot and ankle can result whenever there is too much pronation. Other mailalignments (such as a forefoot that is slightly tilted relative to the rearfoot) can lead to increased stress to certain bones in the feet. At the same time, any of these biomechanical problems can increase tension and overuse of tendons that lead to tendinitis.

Although I get lots of requests to make orthotics for marathon runners and triathletes here in San Francisco, I am often surprised how many athletes don't really understand what an orthotics is and how it works. A custom orthotic made for a runner is not just an arch support or a shoe insert with extra cushion. Custom orthotics are custom made footbeds (custom built based on a foot doctor's prescription) that control abnormal motion and correct mechanical imbalances.

You can learn more about custom orthotics on our website or by simply watching the video below.

Dr. Christopher Segler is an award winning foot doctor practicing podiatry and specializing in running biomechanics in San Francisco. He specializes in house calls to help busy athletes who don't have tim to get the foot doctor. He makes housecalls all around in San Francisco, Mill Valley, Palo Alto, Berkeley, Corte Madera, San Rafael, Oakland, and San Jose. If you are a runner with a history of nagging injuries, arch pain, flat feet, or tendonitis, he can come right to you to make your custom running orthotics that will not only decrease your risk injury. If you just have a question about custom orthotics made for runners, you can call Dr. Segler directly at 415-308-0833.

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  1. Custom orthotics shoes and inserts are a low impact and effective way to realign the bones and muscles in a foot for promoting healthy movement and circulation. Nice video.