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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Dean Karnazes in Second at Sahara

Last month Dean Karnazes finished in 2nd place at the Sarah Race in Egypt. The Saharah Race is a 250K race across the largest non-polar desert on Earth. His time was 30 hours 13 minutes and 9 seconds. He was only about 3 hours behind Ryan Sandes; a South African who is 20 years younger. 

Paul Liebenberg (another South African) and Karnazes are competing to be the first to finish all 4 legs of the series in one year.  The series a part of a 4 race desert series including events in Chile, China, Egypt and Antarctica.

The final leg called  "The Last Desert" will be a 250K race across the Antarctic peninsula. It starts on November 24, 2008, just about a month after the event in Egypt.

I am guessing that it will seem cold compared to the Sahara.  

Go Dean, Go... And don't forget your mittens!

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