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Monday, July 12, 2010

Do I Need X-Rays if I Sprained my Ankle?

San Francisco's Ankle Expert Explains When You Need X-Rays

If you are out trail running in Marin or Golden Gate Park and roll your ankle, your first thought is going to be whether or not you will be able to run with a sprained ankle. If the ankle is bruised and swollen, you will also probably wonder whether or not you need an ankle x-ray. This video explains how ankle surgeons and emergency room physicians decide whether or not you need to have x-rays after an ankle sprain.

Every single day thousands of people wait in line at the Emergency Room to get x-rays after they roll their ankles. After all that waiting, the ER doc will typically send you to an ankle specialist anyway. By seeing an ankle expert instead of going to the ER, you can be sure to get the best treatment for your ankle sprain. If you sprained your ankle, see an ankle expert today!

Dr. Christopher Segler is a sports medicine podiatrist who specializes in the diagnosis of sprains and fractures of the foot and ankle. Has has won multiple awards from the American College of Foot and Ankle Surgeons for his research on fractures of the foot and ankle that are often misdiagnosed as sprains. As a runner and triathlete himself, he believes that non-surgical treatment is best whenever possible. You can learn more about ankle sprains at the Bay Area's best ankle sprain info site. YOu can also learn more about ankle sprains and x-rays here. You can reach Dr. Segler at 415-308-0833.

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