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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

How to Tell If You Have a Stress Fracture In the Foot by San Francisco Running Podiatrist

Last year just a few weeks before Ironman Louisville, I got an out-of-state call from a very worried triathlete. He said he had been ramping up his training for the big race. He had slowly been building milage over the past year. But then he started to get an aching foot when he ran. Slowly it turned into throbbing foot pain when he would run. And by the time he called, it was starting to hurt even while he was walking.

He was really distressed.

As a runner and prior Ironman finisher, he had been running long enough to know that a stress fracture in the foot was one of the most likely injuries that could force him to stop running. He was worried he wouldn't even be able to show up on the starting line at Ironman Louisville. The good news is that we were able to manage the stress fracture and he did complete the race without incident.

Training for any distance event (whether a half-matrathon, marathon or Ironman) can lead to a stress fracture in one of the metatarsal bones of the foot. But if your foot aches, there are some simple ways to tell how likely it is that you have a running-related stress fracture. This video explains how you can tell if you might have a stress fracture in the foot.

To learn more about stress fractures, visit the most comprehensive running injury site in San Francisco. All of the running education information has been created by San Francisco's Award-Winning Foot Specialist and Ironman Triathlete Dr. Christopher Segler. He's not just a running specialist who writes about running injuries, but he is a real runner as well.


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