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Monday, January 5, 2009

Achilles Stretches for Runners Recommended by San Francisco Podiatrist

If you are a runner, the Achilles tendon is crucial to your sport. You simply can't run without it. When it gets tight, it is more prone to injury. A tight Achilles tendon can also lead to heel pain. Most heel pain related to a tight Achilles tendon is called plantar fasciitis. It may or may not be related to heel spurs. In most cases, it doesn't matter if you have a heel spur or not, Achilles tendon stretches are the first line of treatment.

The following video will demonstrate both the best Achilles tendon stretches to keep your Achilles tendon injury free, and prevent plantar fasciitis. Always warm up before stretching. Don't stretch if your Achilles is painful or sore. Always see a foot and ankle specialist immediately if you notice any bruising around the Achilles tendon, or if it is sore fro more than a couple of days. Run healthy!

Dr. Christopher Segler is an Ironman Finisher and award winning foot and ankle surgeon specializing in elite athletes. His podiatry practice is Doc On The Run: San Francisco Podiatry Sports Medicine House Calls. To learn more about Achilles tendonitis, runner’s heel pain, stress fractures, bunions and other common causes of foot pain, you can register for a FREE membership and copy of his monthly newsletter “Finisher’s Circle” by visiting .

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