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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Most Painful Running Injuries

The poll results are in! The February 2009 issue of Runner's World Magazine reports on the most painful afflictions and injuies that plague runners.

...and the winner is....SHIN SPLINTS!

Thats right, that aching pain in the front of the leg came out as the most painful running ailment based on 2,263 respondents of the Runner's World poll.

The other top finishers from the complete results were:

Shin Splints 36%
Side Stitches 20%
Chafing 13%
Blisters 12%

We will discuss each of these running injures...and how you can beat them, instead of them beating you over the next few days.

Dr. Christopher Segler is an award winning foot surgeon and Ironman Finisher who treats elite athletes. His podiatry sports medicine practice is at the Doc on the Run Podiatry Sports Medicine House Calls in San Francisco. To learn more about increasing your speed and avoiding running injuries like tendonitis, shin splints and stress fractures, you can register for a FREE membership and copy of his monthly newsletterFinisher’s Circle” by visiting .

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