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Monday, March 8, 2010

San Francisco Marathon Runner and Bunion Surgeon Posts Video Explaining "What is a Bunion?"

Educational Video by San Francisco Bunion Surgeon "What is a Bunion?"

One day after a marathon, a runner came up to me and explained that he had stopped running because he had so much bunion pain. This guy was no novice runner. And no wimp. He was a multiple Ironman finisher, who had even qualified for the Ironman World Championships in Kona. He said he just wanted to know if he would be able to run again.

As a runner currently training to earn my own Kona slot, I know first hand the level of pain tolerance that has to exerceised to finish an Ironman in a respectable time. So when he told me that "pain" was what was stopping him from running, I knew he really had to be suffering from some serious bunions.

And he was. So after evaluating his feet, looking at the x-rays, etc., we decided to surgically correct his painful bunion. Interestingly to me, he still didn't really seem to understand how a bunion forms. In fact, I have had many bunion surgery patients who came to see me with bunions who have tried to research bunions on the internet, but still didn't fully understand how a bunion happens.

To help people understand what a bunion is, how a bunion forms, why it gets bigger, why bunions become more painful, etc, I created a short video and posted it. Click on the link above if you want to understand how a bunion develops.

Dr. Christopher Segler is a 4-time Ironman Finisher and foot surgeon in San Francisco. He is also the inventor of the Tarsal Joint Distractor, a surgical instrument designed to help bunion surgeons perform bunion correction surgery faster with a lower complication rate. You can learn more about bunion surgery at San Francisco's Best Foot Info Site. If you are a busy athlete who would rather have a doctor come to you for your evaluation see San Francisco's Podiatry House Call Site.

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