Thursday, March 4, 2010

San Francisco Podiatrist Posts Video on 1 Hour Ingrown Toenail Relief in San Francisco

Ingrown toenails are easily the most common reason that a podiatrist will see a doctor for pain in the toe. Ingrown toenails can be prevented with some simple tips:

1. Cut normal nails straight across.
2. Keep your nails just shorter than the end of the toe.
3. Avoid shoes that cramp the toes.

The most common way people cause ingrown nails is by cutting them too short. This is often in an attempt to relieve a painful ingrown nail before it becomes infected. Unfortunately, this usually backfires. But even if you try to take it out and make the ingrown toenail worse, you can still get relief. This video explains how you can get ingrown toenail relief in San Francisco in only about an hour, even without going to a podiatry office.

Dr. Christopher Segler is a San Francisco Podiatrist and toenail surgeon. He treats podiatry emergencies (such as ingrown toenails) like they really need treatment now. He drives around San Francisco seeing patients at home, in their offices or even tourists on vacation in their hotel rooms. No one needs to suffer with a painful infected ingrown toenail. If you need immediate relief from an ingrown toenail in only an hour, you can reach him directly at (415) 308-0833. You can learn more about ingrown toenails at San Francisco's Podiatry House Call Site and San Francisco's Best Podiatry Patient Information Site

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